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The Skills Council of Canada’s Skills Management System, powered by betterU, includes assessments, learning management and a skills development ecosystem that provides access to ready-made and customizable content. The SCC is focused on supporting Indigenous communities, youth, and students with Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities, skills training, and development programs to help them become job ready

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Supporting First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities.


The Skills Council of Canada provides support to Indigenous training centers across the country with access to skills development resources and tools to foster growth and advancement of their communities.

Youth & Students

Being job ready with both hard and soft skills is critical for future employment. The Skills Council of Canada offers a new way to access Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities by bringing together educators, students and employers on one platform.

Business & Entrepreneurs

Corporate, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and entrepreneurs are the heart of the Canadian economy. The Skills Council of Canada provides support to businesses with access to innovative skills development programs.

New Employees

Employers are looking for individuals who have the skills to do the job today and are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. The Skills Council of Canada brings skill development opportunities that will make employees more productive, creative, innovative and in-demand.

A Skills Management System for Indigenous Canada

The goal of the Skill Council of Canada, a betterU initiative, is to provide Indigenous training centers across Canada with everything they need to launch their own branded, self managed, fully developed Skills Management System. The hardest part of setting up a successful ecosystem for online skills development is having the experience, partnerships, content, technology, time and resources to develop and maintain the platform.

The SCC has over a decade of experience in the education technology space and understands what is required to effectively support the skills development of communities and individuals.  The Skills Council of Canada brings together the solutions you need to support your people and help them achieve their career goals.


Understand your skill gap

To be ready for the jobs of tomorrow, you need to know your skills today. 800+ job role assessments will help provide the right path to your future. Ongoing assessments will be provided to work on developing your skills.


Build your skills

After understanding your skills gap, you will be provided access to our growing library of 3,700+ curated and hosted courses across 200 categories. We keep adding more content to support the market advancements.  


Build your resume

Our platform provides the resources and toolkits to ensure each individual is supported fully in becoming job ready. This includes resume building, presentation skills, interview preparation and so much more!  


Work Integrated Learning

While you are preparing to be job ready, we will work with corporates across Canada to find Work Integrated Learning opportunities. Combined with our skills system, students will have ongoing support on the job. 

A Corporate Solution for Indigenous Youth, Students and Canada!


“With betterU’s platform offering so much value-add for a very appealing monthly subscription cost per employee, it was a no brainer for us.”  VP Sales