Digital inclusion for training centers
The Skills Council of Canada offers all Indigenous training centers their own branded, customized, online skills platform.
Blended Learning Solutions
Indigenous training centers across Canada now have the opportunity to provide their communities with all available skills delivery options.

The Skills Council of Canada is proud to partner with Indigenous training centers across Canada to offer the Skills Management System. This opportunity presents training centers with an opportunity to offer leading skills programs to the people of their community. Indigenous training centers, regardless of location and learning environment, can now provide access to customized, and localized national skills programs to help their youth, students, unemployed and underemployed become job ready

Supporting Training Centers

The goal of the Skills Council of Canada is to help Indigenous training centers and all partners across the country develop successful and motivated communities through access to Work Integrated Learning opportunities, employment connections and skills development programs. 

The Skills Management System provides the programs, tools and support Indigenous training centers need to develop, launch and maintain skill development initiatives. All SCC training center partners are provided with a customized and branded platform that is maintained by the center for the community it serves. 


Indigenous training centers have their own communities and leaders with whom they work. Training centers also have their own corporate partners, educators, instructors, content, and methods of operation. The Skills Council of Canada works in partnership with each training center to ensure their identity is maintained, supported and cultivated for their success. 


The Skills Management System has been designed to ensure operational independence for those who operate and manage the platform. Community leaders, trainers, and educators are encouraged to take ownership and control of their Skills Management System to ensure it is meeting the needs of their community.


Each training center across Canada will require support to implement and customize their Skills Management System and ensure the platform will meet the needs of their community. The Skills Council of Canada provides customized support and a dedicated team to ensure seamless integration and ongoing use of the platform.

Job Ready

The Skills Management System is designed to help create job ready skilled resources. Through employer connections and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences, students from engaged communities are given the resources they need  effectively participate in learning opportunities with local and/or national employers. 

The Skills Management System provides participating training centers with access to their own branding, profiles, content customization, language options, assessments, course selection, mobile access, progress reporting, WIL placement reporting, collaboration and messaging boards, as well as blended learning scheduling.     

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