Transforming the Realities of Skills Development

We are making VR skills development accessible to all!

Skills Council of Canada has partnered with UpskillsVR to support the development of innovative, affordable, flexible Virtual Reality skills programs.
All VR courses developed are added to our robust learning management system so that it is accessible for any of our clients, anywhere! 

VR is too Expensive
Why VR is important for Skills
How we are Transforming VR

How we are Innovating VR for Skills Development

Leveraging the Gaming INdustry's assets

The gaming industry has advanced significantly over the years and just like most industries, when there is a lot of growth in an industry, there are also a lot of innovations to drive rapid developments. We are leveraging those assets to support our efforts in driving VR more into mainstream learning.

Using Smart Phones for delivery

With hundreds of millions of people around the world using smart phones, this provides an easy opportunity for delivery of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality skills programs.

Leveraging the world's imagery

Tens of millions of 360 panorama pictures and videos have been made available through shared services that can be leveraged, integrated, and enhanced, all to create amazing immersive environments.

access to our library of skills courses

Our Virtual Reality courses are added to our robust learning management system and over 3,700 courses. You get access to all our curated content! An all-in-one skills development platform.

Rapid Development by Leveraging the Industry’s Best VR Authoring

VR Authoring Tool - CenarioVR

By Leveraging eLearning Brothers' CenarioVR authoring tool, UpSkillsVR is creating a library of 3D, dynamic, interactive scenes to enhence immersive experiences across multiple industries. These assets will be made through our partner program available to other CenarioVR clients.

Opening global vr opportunities

Our learners are engaged through 360 Scenes, conditional branching with varied outcomes, timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes, multimedia, rich graphics, 3D models, audio, hot spots and interactivities. With CenarioVR we are building great affordable, accessible MR skills programs. 

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